A geoarchaeological perspective on human behaviour

Dr Vera Aldeias, a post-doctoral researcher from Max Plank Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology, expert fire experimenter and Neanderthal fire analyst, visited the AMBI Lab and gave an inspiring talk entitled On experimentation and site formation: a geoarchaeological perspective on human behavior.

Campus America: current topics in archaeology

One of the Campus America sessions held in Universidad de La Laguna on October 9-20, 2017 wasd evoted to Archaeology, with talks by Gil Tostevin (University of Minnesota) and Carolina Mallol.

Prof. Gil Tostevin in Campus America
Prof. Gil Tostevin in Campus America

Prof. Gil Tostevin gave a lecture about cultural diversity among Neanderthals. Carolina Mallol emphasized the role of geoarchaeology as a pilar of the archaeological discipline and one of the major trends in current Palaeolithic research.