Summer fieldwork at Abric del Pastor and El Salt sites (Alcoy, Tenerife)

Carolina Mallol, Lucia Leierer and Rory Connolly working in Abric del Pastor

As every summer, archaeological excavations are carried out at Abric del Pastor and El Salt sites (Alcoy, Alicante) from July to the end of August. The work is part of a research project directed by Bertila Galván, Cristo Hernández and Carolina Mallol and funded by the Spanish Ministry Economy and Competitivity (MINECO).

ULL Media is currently preparing a documentary about  our work at the sites. Our goal is to show the general audience the different tasks that take place at a Palaeolithic excavation and the different lines of research that can provide information about the human past.



Fieldwork in Montenegro

Carolina Mallol, Rory Connolly and Lucia LeiererDuring the months of May and June, members of the PALEOCHAR team conducted fieldwork at the Middle Palaeolithic site of Crvena Stijena in Montenegro.

Current research at the site, directed by professor Gil Tostevin from the University of Minnesota, aims at providing palaeoenvironmental and behavioral information with an interdisciplinary approach. Our role in the project is to study the sedimentary record using soil micromorphology and biomarker analysis as our main analytical tools.

Rory Connolly and Lucia Leierer participated in the excavations and collected samples for micromorphology and biomarkers. Dr Margarita Jambrina-Enriquez, geochemist expert in palaeoenviromental reconstruction, also collaborates in this project and carried out biomarker sampling at the site during this season.

Samples from Montenegro
Samples from Montenegro